Saturday, April 20, 2019

Palani Murugan Prasadam

Palani Panchamirtham

Palani Panchamirtham is one of the oldest known jam varieties the world has ever known. more…..


A Hindu would apply it on his forehead and body in order to convey the symbolic meaning that every mortal would be in ashes at the end of his life as Hindus cremate dead bodies by burning them to ashes.

It also symbolizes that one must get rid of his worldly desires to be one with god. Viboothi also refers to God because like God ash does not change anymore.

Sandhanam (sandal)

Sandhanam is also a religiously used paste and is known for its medicinal powers. Usually devotees apply sandhanam on their body, forehead, hands, and neck and over their head after shaving their hair.

Raakala Sandhanam

The idol is made of navapashanam.Navapashanam are Vellaipashanam, Kandhagam, and Kudhiraipal pashanam-Rasasendram, Pooram, Manosilai, Veeram, Poorama Lingam and Thallagam. These are believed to be the nine medicinal ingredients with which Saint Bogar made the idol of Murugan. During night the main deity is applied with sandhanam. The next day the sandhanam is taken off. It is then distributed to devotees. There is a great rush to get this santhanam; because it naturally gets the medicinal powers by remaining on the idol the whole night. This is known as the ‘Raakala Sandhanam’ and is believed to have curative powers. People believe if this sandhanam is taken/eaten continuously for one mandalam, that is forty eight days, it cures of all the diseases in the body and soul.