Saturday, April 20, 2019

Palani Murugan Temple Kumbabishekam

Kumbabishekams are done to renovate the entire temple and to recharge the power of the temple through mantras and abhishekams as found in the ‘Aagamas’.Palani temples including the hill temple have undergone several Kumbabishekam starting from the days of Cheraman peruman’s renovation. During the period of Nayaka Kings, Sivachariyars were appointed by Ramappar.

In 1899 Sthupi was renovated. An ashtabhandhanam was made in 1909 followed by Thiru Aavinan Kudi Kumbabhishekam in 1910 ,1933 and 1936 witnessed the ashtabhandhanam and renovation of sthupi respectively. Rajagopuram had its turn in 1940.Golden Vimanam was completed in 1960. Again in 1968 Thiru Aavinan Kudi had undergone renovation. Ashtabhandhanam was made to golden vimanam in 1973. The last Kumbabishekam was done in year 2006.

People in lacs use to gather during these days to receive the sacred water abhisheka Theertham sprinkled all over them. It is considered to be ‘punniyam’ to have at least few drops of water over us.